The flow of customers from Facebook and Instagram

25 September 2019, Wed. 18:00
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR


About event

Why is it worth going?

1. Learn to customize your Facebook and Instagram ads yourself without draining the budget, without involving specialists
2. Learn to write selling texts to easily reach any audience!
3. Learn how to effectively promote your projects or personal brand through Instagram

Step-by-step instructions for setting up ads: what and in what order to click to launch your ads on Facebook and Instagram, even if this is your first time doing it. (We will analyze each item in detail and show how to use this to get the maximum result).

What goal to choose? Engagement or lead generation? What is the price? And what are the restrictions for your advertising to work effectively and get into the feeds of the target audience.

How to keep the audience that saw your ad, click on it or perform a targeted action. (Needless to say, what additional opportunities will this open for you and how can you use it to multiply your results? And I'll tell you at our workshop).

Sniper approach to creating an advertising campaign: how to squeeze maximum juice out of minimum budgets.

You will learn how to run an advertisement for the sale of your services, physical goods and training. Get a step-by-step promotion plan on Instagram. How often do you need to publish in social. networks? During the master class, you will draw up a content plan for 2019/2020. Create topics for your posts

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