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The return of the prodigal father

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About event

The return of the prodigal father in Kyiv will take place thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We are waiting for you on 2022-12-16 at 18:00 at the location of the Moscow Art Museum (October Palace), Kyiv.
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The performance is based on a play by the popular Ukrainian host and showman Ilya Noyabrov. He is also the director of the play.

The action of the comedy takes place in Kyiv in the 1970s. Tatyana Hryhorivna is a single woman who raised two children alone. We get to Tatiana's anniversary, where in the midst of the celebration, an ex-husband suddenly appears, who once went to get bread... and disappeared for 17 years! The unexpected appearance of the "prodigal father" turns the peaceful life of the family into a series of heartbreaking events. The story turned out to be so confusing that it resembles a detective story in real life.

Why does an experienced swindler decide to reunite with his family and will he dare to implement his insidious plans when the love and trust of his own children are at stake!?

An incendiary comedy, full of twists and turns of fate and as close to reality as possible.
Here, everyone recognizes a part of themselves, their childhood and stormy youth. After all, it is here that "chestnuts bloom again, the Dnieper wave hits, youth is sweet - you are my happiness"!

A play in 2 acts, in Ukrainian.

The roles are performed by:
Mykola Mykolayovych Mishchenko - Mykola Kukuyuk
Tetyana Hryhorivna - Olga Sumska, People's Artist of Ukraine
Tatiana's father is Lev Somov, People's Artist of Ukraine
Best friend - Iryna Kalashnikova, Honored Artist of Ukraine
The neighbor is Vitaly Borysiuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine
My sister's husband is Serhii Melnyk, Honored Artist of Ukraine
Citizen - Volodymyr Kolyada, People's Artist of Ukraine
Sister - Alyona Zavhorodnya
Son - Stas Melnyk
Daughter - Polina Nesterova

The director is Ilya Noyabrov
The artist is Maria Dyachenko
Producer – Roman Kostin

Organizer - ICCM (October Palace)