Bon appetit or who to whom lover

28 July 2019, Sun. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
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from 4.00 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the play "Bon appetit or who to whom lover"?

1. Admire the game of talented actors of our time.
2. Once again, heartily laugh at pressing problems.
3. Learn the heroes of the history of their friends or even himself.

On July 28, a premiere will be held at the Jewish Cultural Center - a performance of "Bon appetit, or Who loves someone." On stage - the awesome actors of the Theater on Nezhinskaya. Do not miss!

"Bon appetit or who lover who" - a comedy of positions based on the works of French writers. The author of the stage version and director is Oleg Shevchuk, the composer is Andrei Beseda, the choreographer is Tatiana Stogul.

In a country house owned by a happy married couple, friends of this couple gather to arrange a friendly dinner. During the preparation, it turns out that the couple are not so happy, and friends are not such friends either. It remains to find out who is the lover and who to do with it!

Such a theme as love treason in the history of world theater has been raised hundreds of times and often in a sad context. But why do we need negativity when there is enough of it in our life anyway? We bring to your attention a completely vital and very funny story about those very difficult relations between a man and a woman. Sure, indifferent to the play will not.

What is it worth the intriguing name of a comedy!

The Jewish cultural center Beit Grand has long been known as a place where everyone can find something to their taste. And this time, viewers have a great opportunity to plunge into the bright and multifaceted world of human emotions, not without outstanding national flavor.

Waiting for everybody!