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Princess Lynx or the tale of the royal watch

18 May 2024, Sat. 12:00-13:00
Theater "Suzirya" Kyiv, st. Yaroslavov Val 14B
from 150 ₴
from 150 ₴

About event

Princess Lynx or the tale of the royal watch in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2024-05-18 в 12:00 on the Theater "Suzirya", Kyiv.
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                   "The Lynx Princess or the Tale of the Royal Clock"

                                (a musical fairy tale with games, songs and dances)

        The lazy and capricious princess Rysia does not want to do anything: neither study nor do anything. She only makes various hooligan antics, which drives her parents, the King and Queen, to despair. The wise cricket tries to convince the girl to live an interesting life - study, create, dance, paint. But the cranky princess chases away the cricket and,   disguised as a thief, he demands a ransom for himself from the King and Queen. She rejects Korolevych's offer to fly to the stars and makes friends with the vile thief hunter Yan. Ian tricks Rysa into killing time. And the two of them are shooting at time, killing hours, minutes and seconds. The clock stops, time freezes. And every hour killed will age the princess. And in the end   the beauty turns into a hideous ugly old woman. She sees herself   the monster oms and despairs. The cricket utters the terrible verdict that time does not move until the clock strikes. And the clock won't start until someone breaks the complete rigidity and crosses the golden sunbeam with movement. A terrible disaster is saved by Korolevych, who is in love with Rysya, no matter what.

          Love and work saves the world. Korolevych, together with Rysa, cross the sun's rays in a hot air balloon. Time flies again and Lynx becomes a magical princess. The kingdom is happy because their princess has become a girl of all possible talents. The wedding coincides with the 12 strikes of the royal clock. A new day, a new time is coming! And the young princess with the handsome Korolevych is a guarantee that the future in the kingdom will be rich, healthy and happy.

  Performance time – 60 minutes.

The author of the play, stage director, Honored Artist of Ukraine - Volodymyr Ivanovich Petranyuk

Scenography - Valentina Kuzmichova

Music, singing - Dmytro Dobry-Vechir