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GHOSTS OF RAVENSCROFT ESTATE in Uzhhorod! Don`t miss 2022-10-09 в 18:00 on the Zakarpattia Drama Theater, Uzhhorod.
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Ghosts of Ravenscroft Manor - Don Nigro

Detective story in 2 acts.

Don Nigro is a modern American playwright whose plays are performed in many countries around the world. Among the first Ukrainian theaters that turned to the work of an American was the Transcarpathian Music Drama Theater.

Director Mykhailo Fishchenko staged the detective story "Ghosts of Ravenscroft Estate" based on Don Nigro's play "Five Firebirds in Raven's Estate." Addressing the detective on the Transcarpathian stage is quite rare, although, for example, Agatha Christie's works on the theater stage have long since become classics in the world.

The director-producer explains the choice of a dramatic play that combines mysticism, love collisions, tragedy and humor with the need to distract the audience for a while from the stress we found ourselves in due to Russian aggression. "After all, art also has a psychotherapeutic effect," says Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Fishchenko.

The production director is Mykhailo Fishchenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine

Production designer - Lyudmila Belaya

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