Congratulations Nicholas

16 December 2018, Sun. 13:30
House of Culture and Arts Kyiv, Irininskaya Street, 6
from 2.67 EUR
from 2.67 EUR

About event

Why should go on the presentation of "Congratulations to Nicholas"?

1. Day of sv. Nicholas - one of the favorite children's holidays.
2. This is an exciting event for your child!
3. Your child will not be bored for a minute!

It is believed that St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. On a winter night from December 18 to December 19, he comes into the house and rewards kids for good behavior. But the little rogue hopes for the kindness of St.. Nicholas. Therefore, every year all children are very much waiting for this meeting. And we have a day of sv. Nicholas will come a little earlier, in time to congratulate everyone.

Come December 16 to the House of Culture and Arts for a real holiday for children! From the entrance you will meet the characters of fairy tales and of sv. Nikolai. Together with the children they will sing songs, recite poems and lead round dances. And, of course, everyone will be able to make cool photos with our animators.

After that, the children and their parents will be shown a wonderful play "The Frog Princess" based on the eponymous folk tale. At the core - a play by Anna Tsiban. During the performance, songs by E. Kulakov will be performed, and the final composition is set to music by G. Gladkov. With that, the play will be interactive. Children will be carried away by this lively, fun, very kind fairy tale! And how could it be otherwise, if even Koschei and Baba Yaga are not afraid of it. Let's open the secret: these characters will surprise you with their "glamor" and soulful songs. Fun games, animation, illusions and transformations ... This performance will long remain in the memory!

The duration of the performance is 50 minutes (half an hour before the start - a greeting from St. Nicholas and entertainment with fabulous characters). Performance in Ukrainian. Waiting for you!

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