About Fedot archer ...

14 April 2020, Tue. 19:00
House of Architect Kyiv, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR


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About event

Why is it worth going to the Sagittarius Fedot Pro ... in Kiev?

1. Since the beginning of the century, remakes have become increasingly popular. Films from "Remember All" to "Carnival Night" are shot. Theaters are returning to past plays. Old songs about the main thing survived several seasons. Trend however

2. Filatov reads the work as an author, Sichkin plays the same person.
What's worse, what's better is hard to say, but as the famous slogan says, feel the difference.

3. At one time in Kiev, on the corner of Bolshaya Zhytomyr and Kudryavskaya cafes, there was a theater for one actor. There were no empty tables ever.
This genre is both in demand and not widely distributed. And the exclusive is always held in high esteem.

I don’t know if it’s worth talking about what the play is about - it seems to me that absolutely everyone knows about its content. In a nutshell: this is a poetic tale of the type "Humpbacked Horse"; the main character Fedot performs intricate tasks of a tyrant king. Only in contrast to Ershov’s fairy tale, in “Fedot Sagittarius” the humor just rolls over. And the most interesting thing is that jokes “shoot” repeatedly, even if you read the play for the tenth time, it is still impossible to resist laughing.
When the Filatov's “Sagittarius” was first published in the April issue of Yunost magazine in 1989, several years after this publication there was a “streltsy” boom in the country, in theaters and even schools there were staged performances based on “Skaz ...” by all meetings with the audience were asked to read at least
"passage about Fedot," and the text was stolen into quotes.
One can only envy those who hear this tale for the first time.
If for some reason you haven’t watched the play “About Fedot the Sagittarius, a daring young man”, my God! You don’t know anything about life! Urgent watch)
After all, Filatov’s syllable is poignant and funny.
In the morning I smear a sandwich, immediately the thought: what about the people? And the caviar does not go into the throat, and the compote does not pour into the mouth (No associations?)))
It seems to me that this work was, is and will be relevant for a long time, if not to be afraid and say that always.

Now about the production itself.
Filatov, unlike Sichkin, the author and Sagittarius in his performance was conceived more as a visual presentation of the book than as a performance.
.. Sichkin is a professional pop artist, and probably the only solo artist in Ukraine. (Indeed, rabbits work in a duet,
, diesel crowd and .. t ... d ..))

After all, actually why do people go to performances? As it seems to us, these are manifested eiorations, the creation of an image, mesmerizing acting,

Mark Twain once said: "There are good actors, there are very good actors, there are brilliant actors, but there are
Sarah Bernhardt.

In our case, we could talk a lot about the actor, but it’s like if you take the lead of “heads and tails” about the tastes of another exotic dish. All the same, without having tried your own opinion you will not make up.

As well as you can not describe in words what you can and probably need! just to see.
So come, eat, make your own opinion about the new season, share your opinion with friends. We also ask you all the best!

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