About Fedot Sagittarius

4 June 2020, Thu. 19:30
Kyiv fortress Kyiv, Login with b-ra Lesia Ukrainka 12-14
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

About Fedot-Sagittarius in Kiev! We are waiting for you 2020-06-04 at 19:30 on the site of the Kiev Fortress, Kiev.

With this wonderful comedy performance that has long been a classic, we are opening a new venue for the Maskam Rad Theater, which we have called the Theater Square.

We have previously shown performances in the open air, not suspecting that someday such events will take on a completely different meaning.

So, to the possibility of working indoors (for the time being, it will be June 11-15), we will show performances on the unique square of the Kiev Fortress - of course, subject to all safety measures and with all precautions: the distance between the audience, the distance between the audience and actors and other established necessary conditions. Therefore, you can safely come to us, including with children. After all, life goes on! AND THEATER FOREVER!

THEATER AREA is not only a meeting with the art of the theater, but also an unforgettable walk through the unique Kiev Fortress. In general, you will find six in one: theatrical art, architecture, history, fresh air, magnificent views of Kiev, a useful and informative exit from quarantine!

Author’s performance by Pyotr MIRONOV “ABOUT FEDOTA-SAGITTARIUS” (a plastic farce on one exhale) based on the play by Leonid Filatov “About Fedota-Sagittarius, a retired young man”

Pyotr Mironov - a Master who will tell you a Tale of surprising depth and meaning, which is both a fairy tale and not a fairy tale, and in which ... a hint and a good fellows lesson)
The play was written by the famous Soviet actor and director Leonid Filatov in the era of perestroika, saw the light in 1987. And she immediately gained immense, simply incredible popularity - for her wonderful literary style and subtle, exquisite satire. A magical text in which words seem to be skillfully strung one after the other, and to this day has not lost its relevance and sharpness. On the contrary !!! He acquires new colors and sparkles with new facets with each new show performed by each actor who undertakes to bring to life this wonderful work that has already become a world classic
A great occasion for family viewing and improving your mood!

Entrance from Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard between houses 12 and 14

We warn you that the number of seats is strictly limited due to precautionary measures, so do not delay the purchase of tickets in a long box

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