About mice and people

19 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater Kyiv, 3, Ivana Franka Square
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from 4.55 EUR
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Why go to the "About Mice and People" performance?

1. Legendary work, which has gained widespread recognition by the public and critics.
2. The play is played by the stars of the Ukrainian theater.
3. The setting moves to the depths of the soul.

"About mice and people" - a statement, which received high evaluations of theatrical critics and many awards. In particular, in 2005 the performance was awarded to "Kyiv Pectoral", and in 2008 - the National Prize for them. T. Shevchenko.

This is a story that will find an emotional response to every viewer. An entertaining and spectacular performance tells two friends - Lenny and George, who travel on the lands of the Wild West to find shelter. To somehow erect horses with ends, the travelers work on farms. And no matter how hard it was, Lenny and George continue to dream of their own economy, and with him - about a bright future.

The leading roles include representatives of the Ukrainian galaxy galaxy: Bogdan Benyuk, Anatoly Hostikoyev and Natalya Sumska. And this means that you can enjoy all the shades of emotions and experiences that conceal a remarkable work.

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