Bouncing princess

18 September 2019, Wed. 11:00
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR

About event

Princesses are different - kind and capricious, funny and sad, bold and shy. But the jumping princess is something special!

Why did the beautiful Princess Yarmilka suddenly completely forget how to walk and dance, but instead began to constantly jump? Who will help solve this problem? Who is the good King hoping for? What secret do the black seals of Baba Yaga keep? Why are there many daisies growing at the gates of the castle of the Evil Sorcerer? What plan to rescue the princess will be carried out by the brave prince Jiri?

Find out by watching our fun, vibrant and colorful magical spectacle!

Stage Director: Yuri Chaika

Set Designer: Victoria Hvorostenko

Musical arrangement - Yuri Chaika


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