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25 April 2019, Thu. 19:00
Tyoplyi Lampovyi Kyiv, vulytsya Omelyanovicha-Pavlenko (Suvorova), 4/6
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from 5.45 EUR
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Pulatova in Kyiv - photo #1 PULATOVA у Києві
Pulatova in Kyiv - photo #2 PULATOVA у Києві афіша
Pulatova in Kyiv - photo #3 PULATOVA у Києві квитки

About event

Why should you go to the concert of Olga Pulatova?

1. At the concert, works from different periods of Olga's work will be performed.
2. Amazing author and talented performer Pulatova - your guide between the spiritual world and reality.
3. Evening in a spiritual atmosphere, when around, it seems, all relatives and friends.

On April 25th is an unusual and at the same time - the same as many of us, Pulatova. Come, Olga will share the most interesting: songs from her archive.

What to expect from this meeting? Similarly, no answers to questions about the secrets of being or revealing the secrets of eternal youth. And how to find the love of all life, they will not tell you either. And if someone is interested in whether Olga Pulatova is a reptiloid, we answer: who knows? There will be no special effects or mind-blowing miracles on stage, as in the hall. And no travel measurements.

But you can experience the most contradictory emotions and feelings - from euphoria to real despair. The evening will easily fit into the "sigh-entry-code" system, and everyone can feel like a participant in everything that happens. The world around will be filled with the sounds of a magnetic voice, and an unusual performer will sing for you.

See you!