Push Up 1-3

5 September 2018, Wed. 19:00
from 5.19 EUR
from 5.19 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the play Push Up 1-3?

1. Push Up 1-3 - German play, raising simultaneously "adults" and philosophical themes.
2. The play makes you think: what is human happiness?
3. Talented actors of the theater "Wheel" conquer a brilliant game.

Theater "Wheel" invites to the play Push Up 1-3, staged in a modern German play. Bright actors and candid topics: no one will remain indifferent.

The spectator will witness how the life of heroes, who have experienced ups and downs, who have cherished dreams and secret desires, proceeds. Office life is full of serious passions, erotic desires, strong feelings. But if you want to survive, you need to be human. And if the main goal - career growth, transfer to a branch of the corporation abroad? When does leisure consist in viewing porn or "riding" on an exercise bike? How then to be defined by the concept of simple human happiness? On the example of the six characters of the play, you will see how you can have a lot and at the same time - nothing. What is success and wealth, when inside is emptiness, and around - false values. Conditionalities, limitations, constant struggle ... We are waiting for you!