10 October 2020, Sat. 19:00
National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Kyiv, Kiev, B. Vasilkovskaya, 103, m. "The Palace of Ukraine".
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from 16.63 EUR
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About event

Queen Symphonic Show in Kyiv! On April 10, at the Palace "Ukraine" witness the most spectacular event of this spring.

Why is it Worth going to the Queen Symphonic Concert?

1. Enjoy the legendary hits of the Queen band performed by the symphony orchestra.
2. You will surely be delighted with the Brian May show.
3. Sing the world hits of Queen, which have become classics.

Long Live The Queen!

Queen's contribution to the history of world music is difficult to overestimate. The band has been named a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for its extraordinarily colorful history. The team is also listed in the Guinness World Records for the longest-held chart position in the UK and has been awarded the title of "best British band". This really royal band has long been devoted to rock shows, ballet productions and musicals, to make films. However, the symphonic performance of eternal hits is still impressive and inspiring.

Queen Symphonic on the stage of the Palace of Ukraine

Since 1970, the Queen band, and since 2000 the Queen Rock and Symphonic show have pleased rock legend fans. All participants were personally listened to and approved by Brian May, a permanent guitarist and co-author of many Queen songs.

More than 40 talented artists will unveil the atmosphere of Queen's concerts led by the expressive Freddie Mercury this evening. Here you will hear original concert arrangements of such hits as: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, Don't Stop Me Now and many more.

The focus is a fantastic four-piece vocalist and rock band who have already proven their skills in the musical We Will Rock You, co-authored by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Where to buy tickets for THE QUEEN SYMPHONIC CONCERT in Kyiv?

You can buy tickets for Queen Symphonic in Kyiv on Concert.ua online. Or order delivery by courier or pick up on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (these events become unavailable on the eve of the event).