Hearty fun, or crucian cap

12 September 2019, Thu. 19:00
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from 2.00 EUR
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Hearty fun, or Cap with crucians.

In the stage reading of the director Dmitry Bogomazov, the stories of Yuri Koval from the collection “Clean Dor” are funny, kind, wise and very bright stories about the ancient village lost in the forests with the transparent name Clean Dor and the life and life of its inhabitants.

“The Village of My Soul” - Koval once said about the Pure Dora as about a dream, about expressing his ideal. Friendly Pantelevna, serious girl Nyurka, noisy Mironih, touching Manka and the kindest uncle Zui - they all live as if in a ring of reserved forest, and neither the black despair of the outside world, nor the senseless fuss threatens them. Their relationships with people are built on an instantly erupting sense of kinship, thanks to which the writer-traveler who accidentally wandered into the village was immediately enrolled as a relative. Their pure life, all shades of the forest and the sky is caught by an invisible network of a wandering writer, so that later, sitting in an overcast city, they can write a book.

These entertaining stories for the soul, mind and heart, bringing play, smile, freshness and charm of living life, make the viewers themselves cleaner and kinder. And the author’s subtle irony is also uplifting.