A conversation in the Stein family about the absent master von Goethe

21 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
Odessa Regional Puppet Theater Odessa, street Pasteur, 15
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About event

Charlotte Albertina Ernestina von Stein - a court lady who had a huge impact on the life and work of Goethe. Psychological monodrama of Peter Hacks is devoted to the relationship between Charlotte von Stein and Goethe.

They met when she was 33 years old, and he 26. For more than ten years, Charlotte von Stein has been driving the love of a great German writer. And, despite her great female experience and foresight, she fell in love herself. But ... how often we deceive ourselves, taking what we want for the reality. The monologues of the suffering woman, who imagines herself the master of the genius writer, make us all think, empathize - in fact not only women are grieved for longing for lost happiness ...

The role of Charlotte is brilliantly performed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Yuri Nevgamony.