4 July 2019, Thu. 11:00
from 30.00 EUR
from 30.00 EUR


Relax camp in Cherkasy - photo #1 Relax Camp у Черкасах
Relax camp in Cherkasy - photo #2 Relax Camp у Черкасах афіша
Relax camp in Cherkasy - photo #3 Relax Camp у Черкасах квитки
Relax camp in Cherkasy - photo #4 Relax Camp у Черкасах на concert.ua

About event

Why go to the "Relax camp"?

1. Ten unforgettable days of joy and warmth, love and comfort, mutual understanding and good.
2. Celebration of the night of Ivan Kupala in the middle of the festival, with a big bonfire, near the water in a place of power.
3. Unity with wildlife in a fabulous place, with an interesting history and incredible beauty landscapes.

Relax Camp is a summer camp in nature, where we want, as always, to unite all the best in one place.

These are rest, nature, river, forest, tents, bonfire, warm summer nights, drums, dances and, of course, physical practices.

This is the place where the most interesting people come from all over Ukraine and not only.

What does this look like?

During the day you will find master classes in the following areas:
· Body-oriented therapy, body practice
· Massage
· Meditations
· Yoga
· Tantric practices
· Dance directions
· Sound meditations

In the evening, a rich program! Music, dance, fire, drums, fire show.

The closure of the camp falls on the celebration of the day of Ivan Kupala. It will be a magical night with a mysterious mystery, a night swim in the river, round dances around the fire and an extraordinary program that will be remembered for the whole year!

Participation in the MK is always optional. The main thing is pleasure. No plowing, no stress, just Relax. Are you at home!

Where will this happen?

The most beautiful places under Kanev. In the forest, on the banks of the river. Places of natural power that energize the whole year ahead. A place where you can walk barefoot on the ground, feeling every blade of grass, breathing in the scent of forest flowers. A place that fills and charges with just being there. A place to reboot for a whole year.

For those who love tent rest and maximum unity with nature.

We will have a field kitchen and food cooked on a fire, a summer shower and all the necessary infrastructure.

If you have not yet decided where to go in the summer, come to us!

Participation price:
· All days if paid before June 2 - 1300 UAH.
· If paid before June 9 - 1400 UAH.
· If paid before June 16 - 1500 UAH.
· If paid before June 23 - 1600 UAH.
· If paid before June 30 - 1800 UAH.
· If you pay 1-4 July - 2000 UAH.
· Cost per day - 900 UAH.

Children under 6 years free.

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