Rehearsal in crime theater

28 May 2019, Tue. 19:00
Chamber stage of the Millennium Theater Kyiv, Prospect Grigorenka 26a (m. Poznyaki)
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from 6.06 EUR
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Comedy Anecdote "Rehearsal in Crime Theater"

The uniqueness of the performance is that viewers fall into the scenes where they find such incredible secrets, where the heroes of the performance become not only criminals, but ... and victims of their own manipulations! The author, and with him the director, and actors as if playing with the imagination of the audience. Therefore, in this play, it will be quite difficult for us to find the limits of reality and virtuality - they are blurring in the eyes ... "Rehearsal in the theater ..." is an open dialogue between the classical and the modern, where the boundary between life and the theater is very subtle, it is almost imperceptible ...

Posted by Jacques McLearer's Poem "Rehearsal in Crime Theater"

Translation from the French Nedi Unexpected Performance is in Ukrainian

Duration of the performance - 1 hour. 20 minutes

Age limit 14+

The composition of the composition combines famous scene masters and young actors.

Direction and stage design - Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Yuriy Kochevenko
Choreography - Olga Semioshkina
Director - Z.D.M.Ukraine Yuriy Kochevenko
Kindergarten (playwright) - Oleg Sobolev
Sophie - Julia Kochevenko
Mrs. Ghazul - Anna Cherednik