27 December 2018, Thu. 19:00
Odessa Regional Philharmonic Odessa, st. Bunin, 15
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR

About event

Many already know that the “Résonance” orchestra is a group of musicians, not quite similar to all other orchestras of today.

While the rest are actively creating the show, catering to the public in every possible way, “Resonance” remains a group of anachorets that have long run away from civilization to play music, and for many years, during their free time, lives in caves, under stones and with full the darkness. During the tours, the drummer, for example, did not see a single live person, the bass player raised bears (they later taught him to play bass), and the violinists completely forgot how to understand Russian.

And we would have continued to live like a hermit if not for one significant event. With us, as it happens ???? - zdets or a hurricane, there was a new album. And to resist this was not possible. In a secluded place, high in the mountains, where just can not get. On the border with Romania and common sense, surrounded by fresh air, the sound of rain, wind and a fireplace, the album Ultraviolet was recorded.

During the recording, the musicians burned a year and a half of firewood, and the sound director practically learned to speak three dialects of birds. New studio album. Start your own music. This is the new era of Resonance. The “résonance” group, although formally it is a chamber part of a symphony orchestra, and often attributed to a number of modern rock groups, is in fact neither one nor the other.

The repertoire of the group is not just rock music. These are works that have long been included in the golden fund of humanity, music created by the most talented people of the planet.

This concert program offers a new look at the very essence of the song. Having discarded the templates, the listener penetrates into the very heart of the work - exactly what the composer originally put into it. And the brilliance of brilliant rock music becomes even more open, and the professional approach of the musicians, the richness of violins, the nobility of the violas, the charm of the cellos, the power of the double bass and the rock-and-roll freedom of the drums make it rich and colorful, including through elaborate arrangements especially for "Résonance".

The musicians of the résonance group are teachers of conservatories, in the past musicians of philharmonic and opera houses touring around the world, as well as honored artists.

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