Resonance. Ultraviolet

12 October 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the concert of the orchestra "résonance"?

1. Hear the new album of the band.
2. Get a completely new experience.
3. Discarding the templates, penetrate into the heart of the songs.

The orchestra "résonance" is a unique group of musicians, quite unlike everyone else. While other teams create a show and come up with new special effects, they remain anachorites who have long escaped civilization to do their favorite thing - music.

According to the group, they would continue to live with pleasure in hermitage, but ... One significant event prevented - the release of a new album called "Ultraviolet", recorded under the sound of crackling firewood in the fireplace and rain outside the window. And for the orchestra, this should be a new era of his own music. The musicians of the "résonance" team are teachers of conservatories and honored artists. Previously, they were on tour around the world with members of opera houses and philharmonic societies, and now they create unique music.

The repertoire of "résonance" is not just a rock song, it's a musical treasure trove of humanity. And you will be offered a new, unspotted look at the very essence of your favorite compositions. Come to the concert to assess the professional approach, the nobility of violas, the charm of cellos, the richness of violins, the power of the double bass and the rock and roll freedom of drums!

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Resonance. Ultraviolet

26 December 2018 19:30

HC KPI ,  Kyiv

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