10 September 2019, Tue. 19:00
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from 3.00 EUR
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Why go to the play Examiner?

1. Classic is always relevant!
2. Enjoy the excellent game of a whole constellation of Ukrainian actors.
3. Spend the evening in a warm atmosphere.

Comedy in two acts.

The comedy about adventurers and crooks, although written a century and a half ago, remains extremely modern. Behind the screen of the classic plot hides all the signs of our time: bribery, arbitrariness, lawlessness. And although the spectator laughs during the whole performance, tearing at his stomach, revelation awaits him in the final. It turns out, laughter, through tears.

“Revizor” is a performance that is full of Gogol's devilish jokes and comic situations. Slightly updated material in the performance of the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhyly, sounds in a new way bitingly and vigorously. Recognizable characters, unambiguous hints, - the truth is closely mixed with the joke in the production.

And, of course, on the stage of “The Auditor”, favorite artists are Lilia Rebrik, Ksenia Vertinskaya, Vladimir Goryansky, Alexander Papusha, Valery Shalyga, Alexander Jyla, Andrei Kronglevsky, Vitaly Azhnov, Peter Rusanenko, Vladislav Dmitruk.
The role of the mayor in the modern production will be performed by the People’s Artist of Ukraine Aleksey Vertinsky, and the young artist Daniil Marzhets will play the Cheat-Khlestakov.
Directed by director - Honored Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhyla.
Composer - Yuri Zvonar
Production Designer - Maria Krutogolova
Costume Designer - Lyubava Sokol
Shoe Designer - Alexander Gnatkovsky
Producer - Slava Zhyla