22 May 2019, Wed. 19:00
House of Ukrainian Radio recordings Kyiv, vulytsya Leonida Pervomaiskogo, 5-B
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from 3.03 EUR


Ricercar in Kyiv - photo #1 picture

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Paradoxically, in the name of the German program got an Italian word, which is translated as "looking". It perfectly transmits the spirit of the German-Austrian tradition, prone to thorough, inborn studies, even in its most romantic manifestations.

In 1747, the Pcountryn King Frederick II during a meeting with Johann Sebastian Bach offered him a theme for a fugue. Bach baptized her "royal" and for two months published a series of works on this topic under the general title "Musical offering". Researchers compare the "royal" theme with the band of Mobius, and the cycle is considered mystical, full of religious symbols. Bach gave him the title "RegisIussuCantioEtReliquaCanonicaArteResoluta" - it is acrostic, the first letters of which form the word Richercard (RICERCAR).

Kyiv State Symphony Orchestra / State Academic Pop and Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Conductor - Luigi Gagero
Soloist - Diana Chubak (piano)
The program will be presented in partnership with the support of the VERE MUSIC FUND charity fund, which provides young Ukrainian musicians with grants for participation in international contests and master classes.


Johann Sebastian Bach / Anton von Webern. Fuga (Richercar)
Anton von Webern. Symphony Orchestra 21
Richard Wagner Overture and Death of the Isolde from the opera Tristan and Isolde
Ludwig van Beethoven Concerto for piano with orchestra No. 3

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