RITMIKA 2019. James Zabiela, dOP, Dusty Kid

24 August 2019, Sat. 22:00
Arizona Beach Club Kharkov, Alekseevskiy Lugopark, Bukovy lane, 10
from 13.33 EUR
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from 13.33 EUR
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About event

Yes! This is exactly what you thought - Kharkiv will finally get its own ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Headlined by RITMIKA 2019 will be recognized throughout the world, the kings of dance rhythms from the UK, Italy and France, and the organizers of the new electronic festival are the creators of the largest festival in eastern Ukraine Impulse Fest in collaboration with leading club promoters of Kharkov. And, of course, how this event will be now and in the future depends on you, those who will come and fill this night with freedom, the joy of movement and dancing until dawn!

The first summer RITMIKA will be held at the luxurious Arizona Beach Club. For one night this atmospheric, located on the banks of the river, the Beach Recreation Center and one of the best concert venues in the city, will be completely transformed to make you forget about everything and go back to the fabulous country of musical dreams.

Main festival headliners:

James Zabiela (UK)

This legend. A man whose name is in capital letters forever in the history and creation of the electronic scene in Europe. That James stood at the origins. You can talk and talk about this wonderful English DJ, citing many facts from his biography. We have a great opportunity to enjoy the live performance of James Zabiela. It costs a lot!

dOP live

Perhaps the most reckless and, for a long time, favorites of the public, the trio dOP from France. These guys performed in Kharkov more than once and always took the hearts of Kharkiv citizens with them. We again and again look forward to the arrival of the team in our city, because it is always a sensation and an unforgettable show.

Dusty kid

Well, another legend is definitely the Dusty Kid. Many of us grew up on his tracks, many of us carry in his playlists his hit Kore is always with us. Dusty Kid is an Italian who has made an undeniable contribution and a new look to the techno industry. He knowingly visited all points of the planet with tours and received universal recognition. The nickname "wunderkind" is not in vain and forever stuck as the second nickname of the artist. It was the turn of Kharkov. We are waiting for Dusty to visit!

What else we want to tell:

2 scenes - roomy Main Stage and exotic Water Stage, powerful headliners, unprecedented scenery, cool sound and conceptual light, an exclusive guest Backstage Zone and you, bright and unique #ritmpeople!

SAVE DATE to the calendar not to miss the coolest dance party of this summer - August 24, Kharkov, Arizona, festival RITMIKA 2019 Summer Edition!

Tickets in the VIP Zone and Backstage Zone (50 pieces in total) are on sale exclusively at the Arizona Beach Club.

Follow the news - we will delight you with good music and get closer acquainted with all the participants of the festival RITMIKA 2019.