Christmas Acoustics under the Stars. Elena Voynarovskaya (ex - FLёUR)

15 December 2019, Sun. 19:30
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
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from 8.33 EUR
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Christmas Acoustics under the Stars. Elena Voynarovskaya (ex - FLёUR) in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2019-12-15 в 19:30 on the Kyiv Planetarium, Kyiv.
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Art Planet ArtSpace project of Kiev Planetarium and Eclectic Sound Orchestra present a unique concert - a gift for true connoisseurs: Elena Voynarovskaya ( ex - FL Y UR ) with Christmas Acoustics under the Stars, Orchestra Eclectic Sound Orchestra and full-dome 360-degree projection projection of Europe's largest domes!

Starry Sky, Expectations of Christmas, Music of the Heart and one of the most interesting and non-template formations of the modern Ukrainian scene with an exclusive concert in the Kiev Planetarium.

In the cosmic darkness, hearing and feelings sharpen, words and melodies sound different, causing endless sensations, and amazing star full-domed projections will enhance the magic of these winter days and this extraordinary concert!

On the eve of Christmas and New Year's holidays, Olena Voynarovskaya - the vocalist of the legendary FLOUR, and now the soloist of her own project, will perform a unique program "Acoustics under the stars " . The light, minimalistic framing will feature both old, well-known compositions and true rarities, and the Eclectic Sound Orchestra will complement them with extended classical arrangements, emphasizing the uniqueness and uniqueness of the event.

Eclectic Sound Orchestra - created in 2017 by composers and musicians from Ukraine. The main mission of the Eclectic Sound Orchestra is to create, perform and record music for films, contemporary pop artists, using the potential of the orchestra and advanced audio-music technologies. The chief conductor of the Eclectic Sound Orchestra is Sergey Likhomanenko

The honest acoustic sound reflects as closely as possible the idea of intimate closeness and involvement that is characteristic of many of Elena's songs. Not just a concert, but a warm and cozy pre-holiday evening filled with the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale, meeting with friends in the hospitable walls of the Kiev Planetarium.

A magical space where each of us can be ourselves, dominated by acceptance and understanding, oneness and sacrament, light sadness and anticipation of future miracles.

And they will inevitably happen - because none of Elena's listeners has ever left the concert without a bright energy charge, new hope and a feeling of happiness.

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