The concert of NAONI

25 December 2019, Wed. 20:00
from 9.67 EUR
from 9.67 EUR

About event

Why do you want to have a concert at the concert The concert of NAONI?

1. 50 rock orchestra “with a Ukrainian soul” marveling at their visions to find the best looks, the hostility to their artistic and virtual knowledge.
2. An unrivaled musical color to give the orchestra special original ensembles: sopilkarіv, trostich music, bandurists, vikonavtsіv on zozulki.
3. Zigrano ponad 5,000 concerts throughout the whole world.

In 2017, the roci of the NAONI since then had to constantly engage in rivals. Whose fate is 75 rokіv vіpovnilosâ to the artistic kerivnik NAONI, People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the National Prize. T. Shevchenko - Victor Omelianovich Gutsal.

In the popular show “The Battle of the Orchestras”, the NAONI won 7 overpowered and won є the absolute leader for the greatest number of votes in the world. First, the small part of the silent great Mystetskyi is the reach of the entire community of colleges, who can be written not less than NAONI, but th Ukraine.

In distant 1984, Rotsі Victor Omelyanovich became a clerk and now the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine, as in 1997 he would be given the status of "National". 35 rock_viktor Omelyanovich Gutsal - an indispensable clerk of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, talent, passionate energy, humorous humor, vidchidushnaya viddanіst their reference allowed the orchestra to vidnivayut to rvvnya svіtovoj majestnosti in.

Talent composer, conductor, arranger - Victor Omelianovich Gutsal, Volodymyr Maisternisty Bachichi talent and talent, winners of the repertoire, regular musicians in the repertoire of the orchestra, such as AC / DC “High Hotel Hell Hotels” , like ЯОНІ виконує я ніхто у світі!

In the repertoire of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine there is Ukrainian folk music, classical music and classical music, as well as an orchestra of Vicon’s in a kindly warm musical style.

For its history, the Buv Orchestra has been on tour in Ukraine’s heels and beyond. Without going to the NAONI, everywhere musicians with pride brought Ukrainian music to people, wishing their creativity and wisdom to Ukraine.

Bagato rokiv NAONI at the cholі sі his legendary leader Viktor Gutsal to give us the mood and joy. Ukraine’s best wishes for merit in ovacy and wide publicity!

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