23 June 2019, Sun. 15:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
from 23.33 EUR
from 23.33 EUR
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Rock in Kyiv in Kyiv - photo #1 Rock in Kyiv у Києві
Rock in Kyiv in Kyiv - photo #2 Rock in Kyiv у Києві афіша

About event

Why should I go to Rock in Kyiv?

1. Music is in your style. Rock, rock and rock only.
2. You are not alone! Here are your like-minded people.
3. It's not far away, it's around the corner.
4. This is the festival you've been waiting for so long.

Rock In Kyiv - City Rock Music Festival!

You can not skip it, because the stage will light up:
- Guano Apes
- O.Torvald
- Animal ДжаZ

Suffice it to sit in sultry apartments
Ears from headphones
Hands in the legs
Legs behind the door
All on the island!

We call you at Rock In Kyiv!

After a quiet winter, remember the rage of summer festivals in the heart of Kiev:

There are only 2 metro stations
Is 2 km along the waterfront
Or 3 tram stops
June 23rd
Go through the bridge
And on you!

And you jump, you stick, you shake your head and twist with hayer.
You pull your hand down the hill and show you all the "goat"
And you sing along with those who are on the stage and who is nearby.
Because only your people are around.
You dance, you rejoice and rejoice. For it's Letooh.
In what you are here and now, and you are such a HUGE creature on this earth.
What could be better, tell me?

Only you. Today. Here and now.
Rock in Kyiv.
Rock in you.
June 23rd. Truhanov Island.

Break it!

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