Parent I am Child

4 October 2019, Fri. 17:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
from 25.90 EUR
from 25.90 EUR
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Parent I am Child in Kyiv - photo #1 Батько Я Дитина у Києві

About event

Why go to the “Parent I am a Child” event?

1. The unique opportunity to lively contact with one of the best existential psychologists of our time.
2. No pops, populism, abstract theories and concepts.
3. Without narcissism and manipulation - only real tools to get out of crisis situations!

We acquire the status of parents since the birth of our children. But even as adults, we remain the children of our parents.

Feel like imperfect parents?
Feeling guilty about your own children?
Feeling tense with your loved ones?
It seems to you that you have an "uncontrollable" child?
He asks himself questions: what do you owe to your parents and what do your parents owe you?
Looking for ways to protect your personal space from the invasion of the older generation?
Angry, because once again allowed to teach you life?
Are you afraid of repeating parental programs (attitudes, concepts)?
Increasingly, think about whether you live your life or repeat the scenario of the life of a mother / grandmother?

Veronika Khlebova (Moscow) is one of the best existential psychologists of our time, having an audience in Europe and America, an expert with 20 years experience in personal and group counseling, known for her eco-friendly approach to the profession and to the client.

• expert in interpersonal, corporate and business relationships; • personal growth coach;
• best-selling author “Being a victim is no longer profitable”, “From ignorance to diversity”, “PRO live feelings, relationships, love”;
• author of many articles;
• mother of three children;
• Honorary President of the Academy of Informed Choice,
• teacher and mentor of thousands of people who have decided to live consciously. Veronica is one of the few professionals who not only talk about feelings - she knows how to live them and then, exploring her states, share not only theoretical knowledge, but also invaluable tools - this is the uniqueness of her method.

This event will be useful:
1. For those who plan to become parents.
2. For those who are already a parent and raising children.
3. For those who become a parent, remains in dependent relationships with their own parents.
4. For teachers and teachers working with children
5. For psychologists, psychotherapists and students of specialized universities

What do you get on our forum
1. Techniques and tools for creating healthy relationships.
2. Ability to anonymously ask the most intimate questions.
3. Ability to get answers to unasked questions.
4. Eco-friendly space.
5. Acceptance and support.
6. Three hours of personal contact with the best existential psychologist of modern times V. Khlebova
7. The exclusive right to register for private consultation and purchase of books by the Author at a special price.

From the organizers: We want as many people in Ukraine as possible to share a unique experience of knowing and accepting themselves. So that the life of every person who joins us will drastically change for the better. We believe that events like this are very important, especially in the context of rapid changes in society. We are sure that only conscious people can positively influence the course of history!