Am i a parent I am a child? Am i a partner Who am I?

4 October 2019, Fri. 18:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
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from 25.90 EUR
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About event

We acquire the status of parents since the birth of our children. But even as adults, we remain the children of our parents. Then, entering into a partnership, we are faced with the fact that the roles are replaced - an immature partner wants to see us as a parent, taking the position of a child. Only by understanding who we really are can we build healthy relationships.

Theme of the event: Conscious parents - free children - free self.

The purpose of the Forum: Enrichment of experience for practical application in life. Knowledge, skills, tools.

Key issues for discussion:
- How do parental programs affect partnerships;
- How not to be a parent to your partner;
- how to get rid of guilt and avoid repetition of parental concepts;
- How to learn to build relationships with your children and your own parents;
- how not to feel a sense of inferiority in the decision not to have children;
- how we harm our offspring while maintaining the relationship “for the sake of children” - the consequences of this false concept;
- How to learn to build boundaries and protect your personal space;
- How to get rid of the presence in the life of the concepts of "unruly child" and "imperfect parent."

The target audience:
teachers and teachers working with children;
- psychologists, psychotherapists and students of relevant universities;
- all who plan to become parents;
- all who are already parents;
- all those who become parents remain in dependent relationships with their own parents.

From the organizers:
We want as many people in Ukraine as possible to share a unique experience of knowing and accepting themselves. So that the life of every person who joins us will drastically change for the better. We believe that events like this are very important, especially in the context of rapid changes in society. We are sure that only conscious people can positively influence the course of history.