Romeo and Juliet

18 July 2019, Thu. 19:00
Clown house Odessa, st. Olgievskaya 23
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from 5.00 EUR
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Daring and insanely funny comedy of the theater “Masks” A play about love, happy love, because love is happiness, love is music, dance! Love is life!

Juliet, an overgrown girl of thirty-five, is promised to be married to Paris, a relative of the prince, repeatedly injured in the head with an iron. An unexpected meeting at the ball with Romeo - an enthusiastic moron - ignites an endless passion in the hearts of lovers. With this, Juliet's father, an old marazmatic Capuleti, and her brother Tybalt, a bully, bully, and fighter, cannot accept it. As a result of a quarrel, Tybalt kills with a pot of Benvolio flowers - Romeo's friend. Kills vile, in the back, surreptitiously. Romeo in a fit of rage to death bites Tybalt's ear, from which he tragically dies. Juliet secretly assigns Romeo a date: to the cemetery, where, as a result of comical intricacies and unexpected plot twists, to the universal joy, the play ends with universal love, a celebration of humor, youth and beauty.


Romeo - People's Artist of Ukraine Boris Barsky

Juliet - Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Buzko

Tybalt and Pharmacist - People's Artist of Ukraine Georgiy Deliev

Capulet - Mikhail Voloshin

Benvolio - Alexander Postolenko

Paris - Igor Malakhov