16 October 2018, Tue. 19:00
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About event

Why is it necessary to go to the "break"?

1. Listen / feel a new language, the creation of which works "diviOVI" - a combination of text, sound, visualization and digital technology
2. First hear and see the new version of the project
3. As written in one of the reviews - we all come to "split" for love

At the level of the subconscious - at the level of sounds, feelings and touches - in the "divisions" it is about love, indifference, war, oblivion and death, resurrection in memories, laughter and silence, and again - about love and tenderness.

"Divisions" combine poetry (Sergey Zhadan), music (Alexei Vorsboj, accordion) and visualization (Olya Mikhailuk, and it belongs to the idea of this intermedial work). Recently, a new dimension of "split" has appeared - the project includes a Polish musician Tomas Sikor (saxophone, soundbox), known to the Ukrainian audience in cooperation with Yuri Andrukhovych, and VJ Sergey Piliavets.

During the performance live not only voice and music, the visual part is also created live and the image is broadcast on the screen. Between the performances of "Divisions" continue to exist in a virtual dimension.

Zhenya Oliynyk / THEATRE
It is rather an act than a performance or reading. The act of feeling - a complete immersion into the dense dark space of a strange heart, every movement of which - joyful or desperate - provokes, like a flock of birds, the most important memories and the most secret dreams. At the same time, "Divisions", as it is not paradoxical, is extremely laconic, and therefore - extremely piercing.

Igor Panasov / CULTPROSTIR
"Split" - about the power of the vacuum, which is often the habitat of people, the guarantor of their invisible single camera. On the omnipotence of love, which is able to fill this vacuum, deactivate it, turn it into a creepy dream-memoir. about how scary to live, but I really want to. "Divisions" require volume because it is a statement that draws the space of reality options. And it is a great joy that the project of such subtlety and depth is beyond the boundaries of the underground.