Comedy "Undress - let's talk"

9 June 2020, Tue. 19:00
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Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #1 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_730
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #2 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_519
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #3 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_206
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #4 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_965
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #5 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_199
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #6 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_622
Comedy "Undress - let's talk" in Kyiv - photo #7 komedija-rozdjagaisja-pogovorimo_palac-ukrayina_260520201900_907

About event

Missed the bright and fun theatrical comedies?

Then don't miss the LIVE BROADCAST of the hit comedy "Undress-Talk" by the Kyiv Millennium Theater!
This is a remake of a very popular play by the theater "Repair or restoration of feelings."
Directed by Ray Cooney and J. Chapman's play "Move Over Mrs. Markham"


The story of a "crazy day" from the life of a married couple Philip and Joanna. They could not even imagine that their cozy and newly renovated bedroom would one day provoke such an intricate intertwining of spicy and meaningless events and situations, such a storm of feelings and emotions that the couple will just spin their heads ...

However, let's dive together into this story full of funny surprises. And we will have fun and humor to look at the many misunderstandings and incidents that arise in relationships between loving people. A sea of positivity, a pleasant evening and a great mood awaits you!

From the audience's feedback about the play:

Olena P-shchuk (facebook, January 2018)
I really liked the comedy "Undress Let's Talk". We had a lot of fun and a great mood from the revised performance. Well done actors, bravo. "
Svetlana S-ova (facebook, May 2018)
"Many thanks to the young Kiev theater" Millennium "for the opportunity to visit the play" Undress and talk. " Very fun comedy of mistakes and situations! Good acting. An hour and a half of positive emotions, which is so important in our time. I advise everyone to go to him! "
Marina S. (Facebook, May 2020)
Today we watched the play "Undress - let's talk"! Great performance, good humor, light erotica, great acting! We are waiting for new performances in Odessa! ”


Olga Kanarchenko (Popova), Irina Maligina

Roles are performed by:

Joanna Markham - Irina Maligina / Irina Mordusenko
Philip Markham - Gennady Svitich / Denis Voronkov
Alistair Spenlow - Andriy Vakulenko / Valery Stogniy
Henry Lodge - Sergei Plamadyala
Linda Lodge - Natalia Kuts
Miss Brown - Tatiana Leshchenko / Ksenia Kozhukhova
Sylvia - Eugene Belova / Irina Voloshin
Walter Pengberg - Vladimir Ballon
Miss Wilkinson - Margarita Savkun / Svetlana Skrypnyk

The play is in Russian

The duration of the performance is 2.5 hours, with an intermission


To get access to the broadcast of the play you need to take 2 simple steps:

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  2. Make an online payment for the broadcast viewing service ( cost - UAH 160 )

After that, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the broadcast page, as well as a login and password and access instructions.

You can watch the broadcast of the show on a Smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, ie on any device that is technically suitable for watching videos on the Internet.

We wish you a pleasant viewing!