5 June 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 4.67 EUR


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RULADA - a popular singer, author, composer, is a nominee of a number of prestigious music festivals and awards: X-factor, Hit-conveyor, Ukrainian pіsnya, YUNA, etc.

RULADA is a creative and bright personality, as evidenced by not only its strikingly spectacular appearance, but also an amazing, unlike any other creative activity.

The multi-genre and multifaceted voice of the singer will not leave anyone indifferent, and will make any event, celebration or concert unforgettable!
RULADA made her debut with the tracks "Shares" and "Don't Come", and the most famous bachelor of the country, Irakli Makatsaria, appeared in her music video. RULADA tracks are heard on radio stations all over Ukraine, and the clips collect millions of youtube views and are rotated on the music channels M1, M2, Music Box.

Today, the singer RULADA presents the show program "Do not give up."

"Don't give up" is my life motto. I really hope that my show program will become a motivator for all those people who will see and hear it. In early childhood, I burned bundles with manganese. The doctors said that if I survived, I can never speak. But I did not give up. I realized that the impossible is not. We need to set goals and achieve them. Today, according to my vocal method, people all over the world are engaged, and I, as a singer, are planning an all-Ukrainian tour. Perhaps next time, when a difficult situation arises in front of you, you will hear the melody “don't give up” in my voice in my head. If after this the thought to fight will follow, then I do not live in vain! - says RULADA.

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