Redhead lover. Vivaldi - music portrait

9 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 3.64 EUR
from 3.64 EUR


About event

Why is it worth going to the play "Redhead lover. Vivaldi - a musical portrait"?

1. An exclusive biopic performance about the life and work of the great Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi and about the return of music and the name of Vivaldi to people in the twentieth century. after several centuries of oblivion
2. "Synthetic" performance with choreographic and vocal numbers, in which a lot of wonderful Vivaldi music will sound
3. Almost all the events of the play take place in Venice, so that the audience has the opportunity during the performance to repeatedly plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of the legendary Venetian carnival.

This is almost a detective story ...

At the beginning of the 20th century. In one of the oldest Italian monasteries they found long-forgotten manuscripts. It turned out that the found notes belong to the hand of the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi. So Antonio Vivaldi was born the second time, and his magical music was rediscovered for future generations.

Events in the play take place in three dimensions: at the beginning of the 20th c., When Vivaldi's manuscripts were found, in the 18th c. - the basic stages of the life of the maestro are sketched out, and nowadays, when the whole world admires the music of Vivaldi.

Measurement of the 18th c. acquaints with the culture of Venice of that period: with its annual fun carnivals, luxurious outfit, on the one hand, on the other - with the dependence of composers on the vagaries of fashion, the slave position of artists who had the opportunity to work only thanks to the influence of a rich patron. So the patron saint for Vivaldi was the Church. The events of the play take place in Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. It was in Austria that the maestro’s days on earth were poorly over.

However, thanks to the new birth of Vivaldi in the 20th century, we still listen to his music, which amazes even the listener with its harmony and modernity.

For family viewing with children from 12+

Joint project Kyiv Fortress, Joyfest International Socio-Cultural Project and Les Kurbas Center

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