With your loved ones, do not relax!

16 October 2018, Tue. 19:00
from 1.82 EUR
from 1.82 EUR

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Why is the play "Do not relax with your loved ones"?

1. About serious things, heroes are told with light humor.
2. To feel the meaning of the well-known proverb "What we have - we do not store, we lose - we cry".
3. Understand that small shocks can even be useful.

The production is based on the play "Casual Touch" by American writer Jean Kerr. This talented woman possessed an uncommon sense of humor, so many of her quotes became aphorisms.

The play "Do not relax with your loved ones" is a complete irony about the crisis of family relations and "gray hair in a beard." A spirited plot about a sudden flood of feeling, of insights and quiet domestic pleasures.

After all, in fact, happiness itself is often in the latter. And most importantly - it's a theatrical story about love. Such different: funny, tragic, invented, real, corruptible, timid ... And for some - already late. The calm existence of a prosperous family is interrupted when the husband makes an unexpected confession. University professor Jeff Cooper has a tender feeling for a young student named Elsie. His wife Cathy is making desperate attempts to return her husband. But here's an unforeseen turn: to them the guests come the eldest son Steve and his seductive and devoid of the complexes girlfriend Felicia.

What will this lead to and how will it end? Premiere of the family comedy "Do not relax with your loved ones" was held in 2014. The director is Valeria Aydina.

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