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21 - 22 July 2018 11:00-20:00
Комплекс "Діброва" , с. Дубровка (2 км от Самбора)
from 250 ₴
from 250 ₴


About event

Why go to the SAM-FEST festival?

1. You are looking for bright summer experiences, a place where the purity of nature is combined with unforgettable driving adventures - you to us
2. Almost uninterrupted two-day drive, where harmoniously combined rock, pop, ethno and club music
3. Become part of the birth of a new festival tradition of our region!

SAM-FEST is a place where the atmosphere of summer and sincere smiles prevails.

The best music is complemented by fun entertainments for every taste (balloon rides, water sports, quad bike rides, strikeball, beach volleyball, tent camp, children's zone and more). We are working diligently to ensure a good friendly atmosphere, inspirational for new acquaintances and an interesting vacation.

We went on to implement the idea of ​​the festival for more than three years, implementing concert programs of artists of different genres and styles, we always wanted to continue the atmosphere in which the artist absorbed the SAM-FEST, which is an almost continuous two-day drive where harmoniously combined rock, pop, ethno and club music!

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