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The best day

3 January 2020, Fri. 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

The best day is a classic sitcom in a modern reading.

The plot of the play famously spins from the first scene. One morning, a French media tycoon, millionaire and lover of a beautiful life discovers a thief in his house who has come up with a sincere confession. But this is not enough: he turns out to be the bridegroom of the tycoon’s daughter, a girl without complexes, but with a good appetite. The tycoon is surprised, annoyed and, at the same time, glad to see a potential son-in-law suddenly appearing with a bag full of banknotes. And everything would be fine, but it seems they are talking about different girls. What about a bag? ABOUT! This accessory has a special role in the play. And so the whole day the house of the millionaire, the media magnate Barnier, now and then is shaken by storms of emotions, covered by tsunamis of feelings, and in this whirlpool it is very difficult to stay within the bounds of decency. Especially if your cabinets are full of “skeletons” in the form of mistakes of the past and they are constantly trying to get out. The hero himself is already beginning to get confused about how much money he has, children and valises. The ubiquitous maid, insatiable wife and even a personal kinesiotherapist help and hinder the tycoon from unraveling the situation, revealing all family secrets and “putting everyone in their place”. And all this in one day! One crazy day in the life of a millionaire will be the best day!

The author of the play is Tamara Kaganovich . The bold ideas of the production director Alexander Samusenko will be realized by the stars of the Kiev and Odessa scenes.

• The leading role of the French millionaire with a difficult fate will be played by theater and film actor Aleksey Agopyan , well known to the public for participating in projects such as “Masks Show” and “Pun”. According to the laws of enterprises of his near and distant relatives, Odessa actresses will become on stage:

Honored Artist of Ukraine - Irina Okhotnichenko,

Elena Golovina - actress of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater. V. Vasilko

Irina Gatun - actress of the Kiev Theater "Black Square", member of the League of Laughter, actress of the series "Kraina U",

Alina Katrechko - actress of Odessa Ukrainian Theater. V. Vasilko,

• In such a flower garden, the protagonist of the play will not be easy to maintain calm and sobriety of thoughts. Showman Vladimir Shumko , actor of the Kiev Black Square Theater, three times winner of the show “Laugh the Comedian” and

• A participant in Improvisational shows on TV and an actor of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater. V. Vasilko - Alexander Samusenko .

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