29 July 2019, Mon. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR
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Why go to the play "The Best Day"?

1. Light and very funny comedy will turn this evening into a real celebration of humor
2. French classic comedy in the original interpretation - the best remedy for depression
3. Star artists of the project “Masks Show” and teams of the League of Laughter will not let you get bored.

“The Best Day” is a classic comedy of positions in modern interpretation.

A French media mogul, millionaire and lover of a beautiful life one morning discovers a thief in his house, who has come to confess. But this is not enough: he turns out to be the bridegroom of the daughter of the tycoon, who is overgrown with the brides, a girl without complexes and with a good appetite. The tycoon is surprised, annoyed and, at the same time, happy with a potential son-in-law who has suddenly appeared. And everything would be fine, but they seem to be talking about different girls.

Unravel the situation and look for "skeletons in the closet" of the rich family will also be a servant, spouse and even the personal kinesi therapist of the protagonist. Still, this one day in the life of a French millionaire will be crazy though, but, indeed, the best! Comedy is comedy!

The bold ideas of the stage director Alexander Samusenko (actor and director of the Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Vasilko, Odessa) will bring to life the stars of the Kiev and Odessa scenes.

The main role of the French millionaire with a difficult fate will be actor and theater actor Alexei Agopyan, well known to the public for participation in such projects as Masks Show and Kalambur. According to the laws of the enterprise, Odessa actresses will become his near and far relatives: Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Okhotnichenko, Elena Golovina, actress of the Kiev Theater “Black Square”, member of the Laughter League, actress of the TV series “Krayina U” - Irina Gatun, actress of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater named after . V. Vasilko - Alina Katrechko.

In such a “flower garden” the main character of the play will not be easy to keep calm and sobriety of thoughts. To help him come showman Vladimir Shumko, actor of the Kiev Theater "Black Square", three times the winner of the show "Laugh comic." Member of the Improvisation Show on TV and actor of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater. V. Vasilko - Alexander Samusenko.

Light and very funny comedy "The Best Day" will turn your evening into a real celebration of humor.

We will be glad to see you among our viewers.