The best day

8 March 2019, Fri. 19:00
Ukrainian theater Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
from 6.06 EUR
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from 6.06 EUR
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The best day in Odesa - photo #1 Найкращий день в Одесі
The best day in Odesa - photo #2 Найкращий день в Одесі афіша
The best day in Odesa - photo #3 Найкращий день в Одесі квитки

About event

Why go to the play "The best day"?

1. Light and very funny comedy will turn this evening into a real celebration of humor
2. French classic comedy in the original interpretation - the best remedy for depression
3. Star artists of the project "Masks Show" and KVN teams will not let you get bored.

We present the most breathtaking premiere of the new theatrical season - "The Best Day". The French classic comedy of positions in the original interpretation of playwright Tamara Kaganovich will be the best remedy for depression.

The bold ideas of the director of the play Alexander Samusenko (actor and director of the Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater. Vasilko) will bring to life the stars of the Kiev and Odessa scenes.

The main role of the French millionaire with a difficult fate will be actor and theater actor Alexei Agopyan, well known to the public for participation in such projects as Masks Show and Kalambur. According to the laws of the enterprise, Odessa actresses will become his near and far relatives: Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Okhotnichenko, Elena Golovina, TV presenter of the ICTV channel Julia Zori and theater and film actress Tala Kalatay.

In such a "flower garden" the main character of the play will not be easy to keep calm and sobriety of thoughts. Showmen Evgeny Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko will come to his aid. Stars of the "County City" will surprise the public with new facets of their acting talents. After all, this time they have to go on stage not in the usual role of KVN stars, but to create real dramatic images, albeit hilarious.

The plot of the play famously twists from the first scene. The house of a millionaire, media magnate Barnier, is constantly shaken by storms of emotions, covering a tsunami of feelings, and in this whirlpool it is very difficult to keep within the bounds of decency. Especially if your cabinets are full of "skeletons" in the form of past mistakes and they are trying to get out into the world of God every now and then. The hero himself begins to be confused about how much money, children and bags he has.

What does the bag? ABOUT! This accessory in the play has its own, perhaps the most important, role. After all, we ourselves are like bags, which are interesting and valuable only to those inside.