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Sasha, take out the trash PREMIERE

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"Sasha, take out the trash!"

Author: Natalki Vorozhbit;

director - Maxim Golenko;

artist - Julia Zaulichnaya;

plastic solution - Honored Art Worker Pavel Ivlyushkin and Denis Grigoruk;

musical solution: Vadim Bessarab;

vocals: Ekaterina Sudareva;

actors: Alexander Samusenko,

Honored Artist of Ukraine - Igor Gerashchenko,

Honored Artist of Ukraine - Ninel Natocha,

Honored Artist of Ukraine - Irina Okhotnichenko,

Inna Bulbotko

Everyday-mystical performance in one act about the victory of life over death and painful phantoms of war.

Two lonely women - Katya and Oksana - pull the household cart on their own and remember Sasha.

Sasha is a military man who during his life only fought with his wife. And only after his death, a war comes to the country in which he could prove himself. Therefore, Sasha, despite the beautiful monument erected by his wife, decides to join the ranks to protect his state and do everything he could. After all, he was born not only to take out the garbage at the request of his wife and stepdaughter ... He hopes to finally become visible to society, as he became visible to his family after his death.

The author, Natalia Vorozhbit, a Shevchenko Prize winner, wrote this story back in 2015, but today it will resonate even more, because the main unannounced image of the performance - war - is painfully lived today by Ukrainians and the entire civilized world together with us. The war, which has been going on for 8 years, many tried to ignore, today no one can escape from it.

With a new performance, the theater founded a new format that meets the needs of the time - "Theatre in the Shelter".

The performance is mobile: we can show it anywhere outside the walls of our theater. The scenery and costumes are easy to transport, and a small number of people are involved in the performance. Therefore, we will be able to show even in places that are less suitable for theatrical performances.

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