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7 October 2022, Fri. 18:00
Maria Zankovetska Theatre Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1
from 1.19 EUR
from 1.19 EUR


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SATISFACTION in Lviv - photo #3 satisfakcija_nacionalniy-ukrayinskiy-akademichniy-dramatichniy-teatr-imeni-mariyi-zankoveckoyi_071020221800_253

About event

SATISFACTION in Lviv! Don`t miss 2022-10-07 в 18:00 on the Maria Zankovetska Theatre, Lviv.
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Venice is a city of carnivals and mysteries. Carefree, temperamental and generous people live here. That's why they make fun of Shylock, a pagan Jew - a greedy and gloomy usurer who counts every coin. Shylock also reciprocates the locals. He especially does not like Antonio, who does not take interest on loans - too selfless for a merchant. Therefore, for the sake of a "joke", Shylock also offers an interest-free loan for young Bassanio - a friend of our ambitious merchant. There is one condition: for late payment of the debt, he will cut a pound of flesh from Antonio.

What will win, commerce or humanity? Is the hero in love ready to pay his debt and save his friend? Bloodshed seems inevitable. But the power of female love unexpectedly intervenes in the event, which can withstand all obstacles and in the end - win.

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