18 August 2019, Sun. 20:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
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from 14.00 EUR
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About event

"Dinosaur and other forgotten animals" - SBPCH will play in Kyiv South Coast!

All music fans have a list of the songs of their favorite band, which they want to hear, and the band is in no way. On August 18, in the South Coast, the band of the SBPCH will play all the songs that you dreamed of hearing, but they forgot to perform!

In the spring of 2018 the band released the album "We did not sleep, we dreamed" - an album of songs that you can jump on a trampoline, have breakfast, look at the sunset, hop on horseback, or just lie in bed. This album became a moment of change - the band, as a regular participant, joined the band singer and actress Zhenya Borzykh. In addition, Nadja Gritskevich, Thomas Mraz and the Children's Choir of Television and Radio of St. Petersburg participated in the recording of the album. Sound producer of the album was the former keyboardist of the band Pompeya Alexander Lipsky.

After the extraordinary presentation of the album in Kyiv, the band has already returned to the capital with a concert, but when all - both musicians and the public - envelops such an indubitable love to each other, it is impossible not to return yet and again. In addition, Kyiv supporters can not just let the band go until they hear absolutely all of their favorite tracks. That is why SBPCH will play the most unexpected songs in the history of the band at a fabulous location under the noise of the native Dnipro. "Dinosaur", "Live well", "Ships", "Poland" - and this is definitely not all! The program "Dinosaur and other forgotten animals" will unite in itself the whole 11 years - and it will be more than a trip in time and space.

Other details let it remain a mystery.