20 October 2019, Sun. 19:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
from 40.00 EUR
from 40.00 EUR

About event

Why go to a Scarlxrd concert?

1. Hear tracks from the new albums Infinity and Immxrtalisatixn
2. Feel the bursting bit and the explosive power of powerful hip-hop
3. Millions of views on YouTube and performances at world-wide festivals, including Lollapalooza and the Sziget Festival.

Scarlxrd goes to Kiev with two albums at once.

Already this fall, Ukraine will shudder from the hip-hop mix, trap and metal. Sounds impossible? Marius Listrop proves to the music industry that anything is possible. And it does this successfully over the past few years under the pseudonym Scarlxrd.

But Listrop started far from hip-hop. At the beginning of the 2000s, he was a sweet British boy who was a fool of the camera under the pseudonym Mazzi Maz. Self-confidence and charisma helped the guy to become a popular vloger at home and to pay off his mother’s debts with monetization.
Traction to not the easiest music of Listrop woke up with the arrival in the group Myth City. The guys played post-hardcore, and Marius was their singer. But he stayed in this position not for long, as he decided to make his own music.
He deleted his popular YouTube channel, and with it all the memories of a past life, to start a new one, with Scarlxrd. And what started!
In 2016, he releases several mini-albums at once, attracting attention. A year later, he recorded his first hit, Heart Attack, which was watched over 50 million times on YouTube. Marius began to release releases, as if shooting a machine gun.

Only in 2019 he had two full-length records. The first - Infinity - was released in March. The second - Immxrtalisatixn - is preparing to see the light in September. Listrop works at maximum speeds and shows that even a momentary idea can become a full-fledged art. Otherwise, where does he have so much material?
But the juice is "live" Scarlxrd. Some people call it musical terrorism, others - an excellent emotional discharge after a long working day. Marius along with his DJ provoke the crowd, climb on the balconies and jump from them, tear their throats and push people with their foreheads.

Sometimes in this orgy is not clear anything. What track is playing? Where is your, and where is the stranger? But you still feel from the dense funnel of sound a strange pleasure that sucks you headlong. It is definitely worth trying out for yourself.

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