Happy people

7 November 2018, Wed. 19:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
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from 8.65 EUR
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Happy people in Kyiv - photo #4 Счастливые люди у Києві на concert.ua
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About event

Why is it worth going to the concert of the project "Happy People"?

1. Take a deep breath and enjoy the taste of creative freedom.
2. To penetrate the eccentric talent of a young team.
3. Hear new songs of original design.

April 11 at the club Atlas will host a concert of the project "Happy People". Hurry to get acquainted with the new name in the domestic show business!

"Happy people" are not without reason considered an experimental musical team: their ambitions are far-reaching. The participants of the project boldly create their own history, interpreting contemporary music in a very unusual way. Brodsky's poetry, expression of recitative and, of course, author's music were intertwined in the creative work of the group. "Happy people" is a recitative of Denis Rzhavsky, an arrangement of Alexei Casualman aka Gorzhitza, and Anastasia Steblich and Tomа Rybka are responsible for women's vocals.

Today the project is based on the famous Los Angeles recording studio. There, in fact, a group arose. The young team has already managed to conquer the audience at Atlas Weekend and Courage Bazaar. The final argument "for" was the steep reception of the project at the American festival Burning Man, from this moment the team members did not have any doubts about the correctness of the chosen path.

"Happy people", having tasted freedom to taste, did not begin to torment the fans and presented an extraordinary debut video for the song Silicon Valley. The clip was filmed in the hills of the city of San Francisco (directed by Asya Nikolayev, cameraman Pavel Fedorov).

In the spring the musicians will present their debut album "DATAISM".