04 - 06 September 2020 14:00
Hotel De La Vita Koblevo, Kurortny Avenue, 41
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from 16.67 EUR
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About event

In the Black Sea kingdom in the southern musical state, Mayevka lived. She was funny and mischievous. Every year on May 1, she loved to gather guests and arrange a big celebration for them. The festival was always crowded, piercing music sounded, people danced, had fun, enjoyed the first rays of the warm sun and fresh sea air.

But once a misfortune happened. A terrible epidemic hit the world and forced everyone to sit home. Mayevka was very upset, realizing that no one would come to her this year. She greatly grieved, and wanted to tell everyone that this year she would no longer be able to make people a holiday and that everything was gone. But suddenly her sister, Sentyabrevka, came to the rescue of her.

And Sentyabrevka said: “Don’t be sad! I will help you! I will host all your guests! And I will make them the same happy holiday! People will enjoy the music, the velvet rays of the sun and the warm sea air! And you sit at home, wear a mask and do not forget to wash your hands often! ” Mayevka rejoiced and did not sob anymore. She crossed her fingers and made a wish that everything worked out and the terrible pandemic was gone. And so I didn’t have to ask sister Noyabrevka for help.

• electronic music festival;
• 60 hours non-stop music;
• performances of more than 30 DJs;
• pool party, roof top, night events;
• VIP area on the roof of the hotel;
• 2 outdoor heated pools
• 4 bars with a restaurant and BBQ zone.

VIP tickets can only be purchased by guests staying at the Hotel De La Vita