Hearty fun, or crucian cap

12 June 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 1.82 EUR
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Why is it worth to go to the play "Fun of the heart, or Cap with crucians"?

1. Get a good portion of positive and distract from the bustle of everyday life.
2. Rate the subtle author's irony.
3. To visit a good fairy tale - especially for adults.

The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents the play “Heartfelt fun, or Cap with crucians”. Behind the good name lies a bright plot. Be sure to come!

The plot is based on the stories of Yuri Koval from the collection “Clean Dor”. They are wise, with a good share of the irony of the story of a village with the wonderful name Chisty Dor. A settlement, lost somewhere in the woods, the quiet course of life of its inhabitants are the pictures that the author portrayed on the basis of his own dreams. All the characters in the stories are really perfect: both the serious Nyurka, the kind Panteleevna, and the charming Manka.

None of the inhabitants of the village are not threatened with the routine and hardened modern society. The pure Dor is sheltered from the outside world and filled with light and kindness. Here every resident feels reciprocal relationship. And that is why an accidental guest, a travel writer, is also recorded as a relative here. The traveling writer will subsequently be able to reveal all the colors of Pure Dora’s life in his book.

Stories fill the heart and soul with warmth, making everyone cleaner and kinder.

Directed by Dmitry Bogomazov.

Waiting for you!