Serenade of the Sun Valley

2 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the play "Serenade of the Sun Valley"?

1. The stars of the Ukrainian theater will appear on the stage.
2. A stormy plot will swirl the head and give the sea a positive.
3. Viewers will be able to look with humor at the notorious love triangle.

Meet the famous comedy "Serenade of the Sun Valley". The best actors of the country and the music of Glenn Miller's orchestra is impossible to miss!

The plot of the play is based on the famous Hollywood comedy that received the Oscar. Cast - your favorite actors: Olga Sumskaya, Vitaly Borisyuk, Vladimir Goryansky, Alexei Vertinsky, Miroslava Filippovich, Alexander Melamud, Ksenia Vertinskaya and others. Director - Semen Gorov.

One of the heroes of history is the talented musician Ted Scott. As part of the orchestra, he comes to the famous resort "Sunny Valley". There, our virtuoso will have to sing a duet with the great singer Vivien Dawn, who, in turn, unevenly breathes to our hero.

But here in the life of Ted there is another woman - Karen, a refugee from Norway. In her emotions are just boiling, pulling into the pool and Ted. Now the man does not go to rehearsals, but spends time on the mountain slopes with Norwegian. How will the events in this love triangle develop? - You will recognize at the performance "Serenade of the Sun Valley". It will be fun, romantic, musical, and no one will get bored! See you!