Sergey Golovin and the Solar Weave group

1 February 2019, Fri. 19:00
Underpub Odessa, Приморская 15/17
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from 2.12 EUR
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About event

Metaphysics of sound, yoga and shamanism, transcendental meditation, like a herd of running horses over Indian prairies and the endless expanses of the north ... All this - shaman, musician, poet, master of throat singing, multinstrumentalist and teacher of Yoga voice "OberTonik" Sergey Golovin and Archaic Ethno-Folk group "Solar Plexus" with a concert-meditation ... "TIME OF KALI YUGI"

Musicians and participants of the event: Sergey Golovin - voice, guitar, flutes of the peoples of the world, Armenian Duduk, Bashkir Kurai, Mongolian morinhuur, etc. Dawn - keyboards, tambourine, Tibetan singing bowls, harp, bells, rain noise .., Yuri Korobeinikov - guitar, Nikolay Poplavsky - drums, percussion, keyboards ..., Arseny - tabla, djembe, percussion .. Ivan Kozirod - guitar, Bas-guitar.