27 October 2019, Sun. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 12.33 EUR
from 12.33 EUR


About event

Why should go to the concert of Sergei Babkin?

1. A large-scale concert will turn into a sincere dialogue between the artist and the public.
2. Atmospheric hits and new songs will be performed by the entire audience.
3. Autumn has never been so warm and cozy.

Do not miss the massive solo artist Sergey Babkin in Kiev!
October 27 at the October Palace will be a great solo concert of the unique Sergei Babkin! All your favorite netlenki and new items from a stunning musician - in one evening. It costs a lot. Do not miss!

A talented author, emotional performer, virtuoso musician, a wonderful actor - all this is about him. The extraordinary and charismatic Sergey Babkin has already won the hearts of millions and is not going to slow down the pace. And while some call him superhuman, while others call him his board, the artist continues to easily and naturally assemble full halls at concerts.

Sergey Babkin in Kiev: getting ready to sing together.
“Privit, God”, “Ale”, “De bi I”, “Hto dali yde” - and which of these simple and close to each masterpieces in the first place in your playlist? What hit sing on the way to work, what lines do you cheer yourself up? Which of the 11 idol albums scroll more often?
Whatever each of you answers, one thing is clear: on the solo performance of Sergey Babkin all the spiritual work of past years and the compositions of the new album “Muzasfera” will sound, all tracks of which are in Ukrainian.

“The musosphere is the shell in which I dwell. It is the Sun, all living things appeared thanks to him ... I am inspired by life, any changes ... ", - Babkin tells about the writing of the record.

The creative and life journey of Sergey Babkin is multifaceted and bright. For the third time, the musician who became a father has opened up to the world even more and is ready to share the inner light that fills him with you.
Hurry to order Concert.ua tickets at a great price. Choose a place and hurry to meet with the idol!
See you later!

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