Sergey Piskun

14 December 2019, Sat. 19:00
DC Prometheus Brovary, Independence Boulevard, 4
from 5.67 EUR
from 5.67 EUR


About event

Why is it worth going to a concert by Sergei Piskun?

1. Soulful compositions about love and feelings!
2. Clear texts that evoke the emotions and feelings of the listener!
3. A strong voice and the ability to ignite the audience from the first second!

A grand celebration of chanson and sincere songs! For the first time in Brovary, a large solo concert by Sergei Piskun, "Scarlet roses - one for you!"

Sergei Piskun is called the opening of the year in the "chanson" genre!

His hits “Someday you will regret”, “Scarlet roses”, “Stars and the moon”, “Snowflakes”, “And it will sound”, “I live by you”, “If you didn’t“ go out ”from the air of the radio“ Chanson ” ", Gaining hundreds of thousands of views on the Internet and rightfully occupy worthy positions in the charts and ratings of this genre.

At the concerts of Sergei Piskun there is always a special and very emotional atmosphere! All Brovar residents will be convinced of this on May 26 at 19.00 in the MCC "Prometheus"!

There will be all the best hits, exclusive premieres and an unforgettable holiday of music!

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