Seryoga aka Polygraph Sharikoff

10 July 2019, Wed. 19:30
DK Resort Mirgorod mirgorod, st. Gogol, 112
from 6.06 EUR
from 6.06 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the Polygraph Sharikoff concert?

1. Are you bored with retrospective urban romances?
2. So that is just like in the 60-80s: beautiful girls in flared dresses and men so tucked up in checkered caps, knitted sweaters or jackets from a three-piece suit?
3. Is there nostalgia?

Today Seregi’s show is a unique symbiosis of music, humor and charisma. This is the only artist who performs with the orchestra, the choir, jokes in the style of stand-up and gives incredible energy to the viewer. This time, Seryoga aka Polygraf Sharikoff is ready to show the audience all his Charisma.