Barber of seville

20 December 2018, Thu. 19:00
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR

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One of the best comic operas with an interesting and exciting story.

Written by the author in an amazingly short time for the New Year's carnival in Rome (the opera has not yet been completed by the composer, and the first rehearsals have already begun). And today it is one of the most repertory operas; the most outstanding singers of the world took part in it.

On the stage of the National Operetta, the viewer will see the modern stage embodiment of the work - this is the main "intrigue" of the production, because the age of the opera is almost two hundred years old!

In the story, the beautiful young orphan Rosina is forced to live with her guardian Dr. Bartolo, from whose obsession the poor girl does not know where to go. The old man is focusing on Rosina’s considerable fortune, and it’s not hard to remember youth and get such a beautiful wife. But Rosina’s heart is occupied - and the fault is a young man in love with her, about whom she really knows nothing. He appears in the costume of a modest bachelor, although in fact it is a rich man, Count Almaviva. Young people can not meet and talk in any way - the old guardian constantly monitors the beautiful pupil, feeling threatened by her opponent.

The love of Count Almaviva and Rosina is helped by one who happened to be near: the barber Figaro. With cunning and dexterity, he finds an opportunity to penetrate the house, pass the note and "eliminate" at the right moment to Dr. Bartolo. The comedy ends with a general reconciliation.

The magnificent play of theater actors and beautiful melodies performed by the orchestra, organically associated with witty lyrics, funny confusions and funny situations, magical musical portraits - all this combined with the picturesque scenery and bright costumes of the heroes will bring the viewer aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable impressions!

The opera glorifies vitality and enterprise, the tender feelings of lovers and ridicules hypocrisy - this is precisely its progressive meaning!

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