Schatz and Mat

25 September 2019, Wed. 19:00
Dead Rabbit Mykolaiv, Admiral Makarov Street, 60
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from 28.17 EUR
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About event

Michael Schatz - TV presenter, showman, comedian, actor of KVN, theater and cinema, anesthetist-resuscitator.

Over his rich career, Mikhail has created and led a lot of humorous programs and has become the person with whom they associate the beginning of the rapid development of high-quality television programs. On his account the creation of cult programs: “OSP Studio”, “Good Jokes” and “Thank God you have come”.

Since 2018, Mikhail has been engaged in stand-up comedy based on Stand-up club # 1, where he took his first steps. A little later, a joint stand-up show was created with comedian Anton Borisov under the name "Schatz and Mat", with whom they had already toured in Russia, the UK, and the USA.

Since 2019, Mikhail Shatz has assembled a stand-up solo program and has already run it in Ukraine in Odessa and Kiev and is planning a solo stand-up tour in Ukraine.

A huge life experience, as well as experience in humor and media space gives Mikhail a great advantage among all comedians. For an adult audience, this is an opportunity to see their favorite character in a new role, and for young people it is a connection between generations and the opportunity to learn a little more about the worldview of the older generation in their language.

In his stand-ups, Mikhail expresses an opinion on family relationships, fatherhood and how the world is changing in the process of growing up, and also talks about his experience in following youth trends.

By the end of the year, all the news feeds of Nikolaev will call his arrival the main cultural event of the year.

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